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What To Consider When Shopping For Clean Burning Candles

By Kathleen Graham

For years now, candles have proven to be among the important must-have items at home. Candles are used for illuminating dark rooms. They can also be used for decorating a well-organized home. Still, wax sticks have the power to shift the mood of a room and awaken senses through its scent and sight. Even so, it is sad that some types of candles can be hazardous. There are clean burning candles that can be used to derive all the mentioned benefits above.

A candle is beneficial only when burned. Sadly, it is during the burning that the risks from wax sticks manifest. For instance, if a candle is made of harmful chemicals, the toxins will be released during burning. When the fumes are inhaled then the damages happen. A candle typically has three parts of components; the wax, the wicks, and the scent.

Some manufacturers use wax from paraffin or petroleum sources. Generally, these are harmful to health. Manufacturers must declare on the labels what they have used to make the candle. So be keen to see that you only buy wax sticks made of clean wax. Clean wax should be naturally occurring and nontoxic like beeswax or vegetable wax.

The material used to make candle wicks also determines whether the product is safe or not. Ideally, wax sticks should be able to burn for up to 50 hours. But when the wrong material is used to make the wicks, it can barely last that long. Wicks made from lead materials are not safe. Manufacturers are aware that lead has been banned but they still use it to make candle wicks. So, be keen on the ingredients of a candle so you are not tricked.

So, the candle is burning bright, the mood is set but there is also the sweet scent making it better. This scent is a product of fragrance ingredients in the candle. These too can be harmful to health. While some opt for the unscented type, those who love scent can still work with the ones made of pure natural essential oils.

For candlelit dinners, you may need to go for the sweet-scented wax sticks. Light several of them in the room. You may have them on the table or near the table. Yoga that is good for physical, mental and spiritual enrichment can also work well with scented type. The sweet smell will help release the stress out of the body, mind, and soul.

Besides buying safe candles, you also need to use them in a proper way. For instance, you need to have the candle placed in a safe place where it does not start other fires. You should have the candle put in a holder so that it burns steadily. The wicks need to be well trimmed so as to burn evenly.

With the best candle, you will be sure of the best lighting. You will avoid soot as you will have clean light. You also must be careful that you never touch burning candle and use candle snuffer when you need to blow them out. If you notice any abnormal burning, please be quick to blow out the flames.

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