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Seven Groups Of Equipment For Paraplegics

By Jessica Johnson

Among the severe problems that an individual can live with is that which involves an injury to the spinal cord. Some of them are very severe and leaves an individual completely disabled where they cannot go about their normal activities on their own. But there is equipment for paraplegics that can assist them to go about their daily activities without necessarily having to be assisted. They are part of a healing program that teaches the individuals how to live almost normally. They include the following items.

Eating tools are required for the patients. It is not at all times that there will be an individual who will be present to assist them in feeding. One can purchase pieces of equipment that will help them to eat. There are items such as spoons with long handles and plates that have guards. They assist in eating without having to be helped.

Another group is that which deals with dressing. The products here are made in such a way that pulling them upwards becomes an easy task instead of having to strain while dressing. Addition of long zips is one of the ways through which this can be done. The idea in this is helping the individual have a good grasp without having to overstretch or strain.

It is also wise to try and install bathroom items. The tools will enable them to deal with bathroom issues. Showering can be hard if there are no items such as roller showering chairs that are fixed for them in the bathroom. Toilets can have grabs to facilitate their activities while still giving them privacy in the room.

Writing materials are also another of these products. Once in a while, the individuals will need to write down some things. This can be made possible through the use of a pen that sticks to their hands. The item can also serve as an aid when they are using a phone or a computer. They enable safeguarding of their privacy at the same time independence.

The doctors may also prescribe some equipment that assists the individuals to have control of their environment. Once in a while, they are left alone, and thus they need to have control of what is happening to them. Some devices can be fixed to their wheelchairs to enable control of the things around them and which have an impact on them such as light doors and electronic devices.

Movement is essential for an individual. It can be facilitated using some tools that will not necessarily have to be operated by another person. Wheelchairs are an excellent choice when it comes to this. The individual must also be in a position to operate it without having to call out for assistance, and an excellent way to go about this is the use of an electric chair.

Finally, another set that is vital is that used to exercise. Such a healing process will require that there be some frequent exercise. Particular fitness products have to be provided for the individual to facilitate their exercising. Unlike those used by healthy people, there are some specifications that must be met so that they are certified to be safe for the patient.

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