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How Joining A California Choral Group Can Be Good For Your Health

By Larry Jackson

The choir has always been an activity confined to the church, or religious institutions to be politically correct. But overlooking that tiny anecdote, California Choral Group is one of the safest ways to socialize with others who are not only like-minded but are able to hold a tune.

All matters start with the heart. Be it a passion for singing or the sound of a finished product as onlookers seem perplexed. Joining a choir does more for the heart than merely giving a nod to a sense of passion. Music affects the manner in which the heart beats and since one will be in the core of its production, one s heart rate will be given a workout through fast past songs and a breakthrough slower melodic items.

When babies are restless, their mother/guardian often sings to alleviate whatever may be bothering them. When children cry, a good way and old trick in calming them down are by busting out the vocal chops. So one can imagine what singing can do for a person in a bad mood or going through some things that seem to be weighing them down. Consider it an emotional pick-me-up or a feel-good drug that s taken all the time.

A choir has one benefit that can be perceived as two birds one stone solution. If a person is not feeling well, it is always recommended they spend some time with people whose company they enjoy. That part, check! The people in lab coats also say that singing has very positive results on the feelings of depression and stress. That s another win for the choir. And here people thought it is just people showing off their voices while in robes.

Although it s not for certain, there is the possibility of being able to travel. To see the world, other cultures and how other groups of people produce different kinds of sounds even though what they do is no different to what your choir does. And if singing happens to be a dream on has cherished since they were young, here s a glimpse of the fast life.

Okay, the last bit might not be true but what is true is that being part of a choir is no easy feat. Despite the relentless hours spent rehearsing there are also unsung obligations that one has to abide by like learning music off by heart, paying attention to a conductor and the changes they make while still focusing on what s being done overall by the group and counting of beats to know when to sing.

Because there s a lot of multitasking involved, singing amongst other talented people does wonder for the brain. Especially in the departments of memory. So much so, it s able to lend a helping hand to those suffering from dementia. Otherwise, choral singing helps with overall posture and improving one s breathing.

A choir isn t made up of slouches nor pushovers. By participating in a choir one can be living proof of how hard work pays off.

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