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African Wildlife Photo Gallery Featured In Adventure Magazines

By Larry Kennedy

This lovable creature called man is so industrious that at the end of each working day it slumps like a sack of potato. The daily grind of earning money to support the family seems endless. It seeps the energy out of the body. Early image capturing was by means of drawing and painting. Modern mans has now so far advanced that imagery can now be capture in an instant. Professional photographers like to emulate African wildlife photo gallery.

Modern life is a cacophony of sights and sounds. Neon lights in the city glitter all night long. People linger on the sidewalks trying to make sense of the traffic. Cars line up bumper to bumper slowly snaking to destinations. In the morning people take quick breakfasts and rush to office building for work. Delivery vans go door to door delivering goods.

With this unending hive of activities it is no wonder that humans get drained by the end of the day. Respite is urgently needed in order to replenish the body but for only a short duration. Weekend rest days are maximized with family and friends and are period for longer relaxations. Leisure time may be spent fixing things or engaging in hobbies.

Hobbies can be both short time and longtime depending on application and the person who is occupied in it. Short duration hobbies mostly include those like model making and tinkering with things. Long term hobbies usually involve collecting items or observing phenomena that lasts a lifetime. Stargazing and photography are two examples.

Primitive man made depictions in the caves and crevices. The etchings of stick like figures portray hunters killing a bison. This skill developed into representative impression as pigment from plant became available. Surface materials where the impressions are made also came into for such as parchments, papers, and cloth. The skill in painting was passed from master to pupil as generations passed.

Artistic renditions often portray nature in all of its glory and magnificence. Flora and fauna as well as scenic marvels are favorite themes. Creatures of all sorts are copiously rendered in canvass and paper drawings. Humans also is one favorite subject be it full body or just the face. A kaleidoscope often finds its way into paintings.

The drawback with paintings is that it takes an artist with considerable skill to produce one and it took time as materials had to be prepared like easels, the surface medium, the brushes, and the paint. In certain point the imagery becomes inaccurate as the artist infuses imagery from the mind either to hide something or to accentuate something.

An optical device was invented that drastically change how a person captures imagery, the camera. In its infancy it was a bulky assortment of gadgets that got assembled on the spot. It was not yet portable. Images had only two colors, ebony and ivory. Emerging technology made the device smaller and portable and the processing of film became automated.

Today the cell phone has become and ordinary piece of image capturing gadget. Capturing faces by the self is as common as breathing air. Almost all adults have this gadget in one form or another. But for serious enthusiast, the digital camera is the preferred instrument. It is expensive and sophisticated. Image capturing has become so easy in this modern world of today.

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