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Can A Top Web Design Company Maintain Shopping Cart Engagement?

By Arthur Williams

Ecommerce matters, especially in the digital age that we live in today. However, there is a chance that a potential buyer will take part in an action called shopping cart abandonment. This can be done due to a litany of reasons, but the truth remains that it prevents sales from being completed. For those that would like a better understanding of how this can be done, here are a few tips that the best web design companies can provide.

One of the ways to prevent shopping cart abandonment is by making the layout as simple as possible. Generally speaking, the more complicated a page is, the likelier it is that the user will click away, even if they want to purchase a single item. This is where smart web development from the likes of Lounge Lizard can come into play. Top web design companies know that less is typically more, which couldn't be truer when developing ecommerce sites.

Another way to prevent shopping cart abandonment is by being upfront about additional costs. This is especially true when it comes to shipping, as this can add considerably more money on top of the subtotal. When there are unexpected shipping fees, particularly ones above $5 or so, it's easy to imagine that the average buyer will be turned away. By offering such information at the onset, the aforementioned abandonment will be less likely to take place.

You should also offer different checkout options so that anyone can buy what they need. Many retailers have registered users on their sites, which makes purchasing items easy. What about those that don't want to take the time to create dedicated accounts, though? This is where guest checkout comes into play, as it will allow people to simply enter their addresses and payment information. They don't have to create a dedicated account if they don't wish to.

Finally, if you'd like to keep shopping cart engagement at a high level, think about adding a progress bar to the top of the page. What this does is show people where they are when they're about to buy items online. One section can be used for shipping, another can be used for payment options, and so forth. By adding a bar that covers these steps and then some, you will be able to keep buyers engaged, ensuring the completion of sales.

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