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Benefits Of Using Reusable Name Tags

By Ruth Kelly

A certain airline managed to turn around their bottom line by taking one single olive out of each salad served on the flights. This is a perfect example of how something so small could make such a huge difference. Who would have thought, right? Reusable name tags could do the same for a company. They could be the proverbial olive. This is especially true for companies with a high turnover. They get to utilize the same resource repeatedly with the different hires.

Badges are incredibly important. The client learns the names of the server before they have to ask. It makes the interaction slightly more personal. It contributes to the customer experience, albeit a small contribution but a contribution nonetheless. In large companies, these little items are extremely important. Everyone is able to realize the position and names of a fellow employee without feeling guilty for not knowing despite having met at a company retreat a few years back.

To get the most out of this kind of badge, one has to get the best quality. Compromising on quality will just ensure the badge serves for a short time and requires replacement sooner than it should. These are a bit pricier than the one-time use ones. So if quality will not be observed, why not just get the temporary ones? The badge should be made with sturdy material that will remain intact for a while.

Most companies like to go for the completely blank badge. It will just be a husk and the company can decide how to go about the presentation of information. Either the company will use markers to write names on a piece of paper then insert or they could be a little more conscientious about it and print along with the company logo and maybe a slogan.

It is also possible to have the company supplying the badges print the logo but leave space to insert names. The insert required for the names will be removable. There are different options for this. It could be a single line meaning that only the names will be written. They could also be double lines for a name and position. Then there is the multiple line kind, which allows for more information like department or branch.

The biggest possible letters. The boldest letters. These two aspects are the criteria for presenting on a badge. They should be block letters. The badge should not be presented in a script. The names of the employee will be the most important detail so it should take precedence over any other information that the company might want to print on the badge. Leave out the honorifics, they are irrelevant in this case.

Planners of conferences and retreats like to provide badges so that guests can make discussions easier. A planner of such an event could use a way to cut back on costs. By reusing badges for different conferences, the planner is able to direct funds to an element that adds quality to her or his service.

Another planner for weddings and other sorts of parties. There is need to distinguish between guests and staff. The positions in these party planning companies are usually very high turnover. They like to hire temporary workers, people who are only available on specific days and not permanent employees. This type would be very useful for such a company.

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