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Relax With Old School R And B Slow Jams

By Andrew Peterson

Although the music of today is fun, quirky, or thought provoking, there are times when a music listener wants to create their own tranquil space. While there are many musical genres from which to choose, a lot of people like to go back to a time when things were simpler. Most people find Old School R and B Slow Jams the best way to relax at home or with someone special.

Songs that celebrate the ups and downs in romantic relationships often stand the test of time. People of varied backgrounds normally have a favorite song or musical artist that resonates with how they feel about that special person or event in their lives. From the day that they met to that special day, the words and moods are often unforgettable.

Sexy songs, or those describing intimate encounters, are a favorite in the bedroom as well as the dance floor. From the sensual crooning of Marvin Gaye to the intense wails of Teddy Pendergrass, sometimes the simplest lyrics can sound like an erotic love letter. While some tunes may set the mood with soft moans or explicit lyrics, it seems that songs that hint at sex or use metaphors get the most radio airplay.

Way back in the day, songs that got played on the radio were normally expressed sweet sentiments that usually rhymed in this genre. However, James Brown wrote a song that changed the game of poetic love songs in 1956. Please, Please, Please was written by Brown with short verses that loosely rhymed and cushioned by the title with shouts found in most gospel tunes of the day.

While celebrating love and romance is common, these recordings began to explore things like adultery, infidelity and having sexual relations in unusual places. There were also slow songs that spoke about things like race relations and war between countries. Some classics, like Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson, were introspective while calling for a change in the ills of society.

A slow jam classic that is becoming a favorite at wedding ceremonies is Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross. While the lyrics may not be a complete match for the occasion, it does celebrate the love and caring between a father and child. No matter the age of the child, this feeling never goes away and may bring back memories of their childhood.

Many old school vocalists and hip hop artists have done collaborations using a sample of the aforementioned, or even a remix that introduces the classic sounds to a new generation. These can be enjoyed by a new generation, as some things seldom change in romantic relationships. Sometimes lyrics may change slightly but often the message of love is the same.

Everyone has their favorite bass line or wailing sound that depicts a moment of passion, pain, or something in between. Mix in a few meaningful lyrics and maybe soft background music that set the tone for what people feel from time to time. These sounds are meant for feeling good, sad, or just setting the mood for fun.

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