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Comparison Between Thermal Transfer Ribbons And Direct Thermal Transfer

By Robert Cole

These two are methods of printing important information on the packaging of the product or even printing receipts. Direct thermal transfer ribbons out the information directly on to the material. The current transmission ribbon, however, involves the information being melted on to the back of the ribbon and being imprinted on to the front.

Current print head life and its cost. In direct current transmission as the name hints, the print material is to be in direct contact with the label material as it is pulled across the printing head. On the other hand, thermal transmissions are designed with a back-coating to reduce the friction. Less friction and static means less wear and tear.

Direct transfer risks a lot of damage. The debris and dust in the printer will be damaged with the constant pulling across the print head. The material may be burned, and you will end up with poor quality work or even incomplete work. If you are to use direct transmissions, you should know how to control it to avoid damage from the dust and other forms that can damage.

The printer configuration. There are printers that can do both direct and current transmissions. You can have such and choose which one you prefer. However, there are the printers specifically made for the direct current transmission. These are more affordable as they do not have all the hardware needed to support transmission ribbons. This also saves on time as you do not have to constantly change ribbons.

Once you buy something, you do not plan on constantly replacing it or repair it. So you should know what product is most durable. Some people go for any coated direct thermal printer because they believe that as long as it is coated it if the best quality. They forget even the poor quality types can be coated just for the market.

All these labels have various specifications. Each model of the different printers is different. They have different speeds and use different amounts of heat. The best thing is to avoid a lot of heat and go for maximum speed. A lot of heat may cause damage to the readability of the material. A bar code on a product may be undetectable therefore buying the product is harder.

The results of the two methods last different periods of time. As you choose, consider for how long your product will last in the market. You do not want to have faint writings on a hazardous product as it may cause a lot of damage to the user. The current transmission printing lasts a lot longer than the direct printing and is, therefore, best for goods that may take long to sell.

There has been a lot of waste in the environment which has led to its depletion. As you settle for a method, make sure you have considered the environment. The thermal ribbon uses chemical bases which may cause harm to the environment. The direct method, however, is safer because it does not use the ribbon.

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