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Uncover One Of The Most Appropriate Video Promo Blogs Nowadays

By Walter Allen

In modern times, a man or women that wishes to pursue their creative hobbies and interest has many platforms and tools they can make use of for this purpose. As a matter of fact, the emergence and prominence of social media sites and various other online platforms has allowed for easier collaboration between artists and makes it easier to trade ideas and share their own made content. This has aided in allowing fresh new talent to become discovered and allows a platform to share these to the world.

This includes sharing passions and hobbies on various platforms, including poetry, literature, music, film and the list goes on. As a result of these platforms, it has made it easier to segregate between each genre in determining specific niches or areas of film and music that a specific group of creative people enjoy making or taking part in its culture. Furthermore, it helps in gaining some feedback on their work and improving upon their skills to master their craft. Following this trail of thought, this article will relay the most relevant music video promo blogs available today.

Premium Beat is a site that contains many articles, tips and other related content for aspiring directors, editors, and videographers. Premium Beat constantly interviews artists, musicians, editors, and other related professionals and feature them on their blog every week. Not just that, their tips are great for those still starting out and have no idea how the industry truly operates.

For aspiring directors that are fans and followers of the works of Dave Dugdale, they will surely enjoy his site called Learning Video, wherein he regularly updates every few days with new and exciting content. From the name of his site itself, it contains content like tutorial videos and step by step articles when creating certain projects and walkthroughs for when artists are rendering or editing their work on various software. Dave slowly rose to popularity due to this mad talent and skills, which began with creating low budget flicks and videos for musicians, which contained a very low fidelity and hands on approach that many independent directors wish to apply as well.

Shane Hurlbut is another artist that is popular among musicians and artists because he is often enlisted by many directors and collectives to work on the cinematography of the music videos they are currently producing or creating. His website however, details the trials and challenges he faces with each new task and offers advice on the most appropriate color pallets to apply and which angles or backgrounds work best for differing scenes. The site is called Hurl Blog and details each new project for the reference of fans and aspiring cinematographers too.

No Film School is the perfect platform for folks that are seeking alternative way to learn the necessary skills in directing and creating their own stuff. It contains many helpful things like trending content, tips, and articles that help provide inspiration and will serve as a guide for many directors and editors that prefer modernity and pop culture. In fact, NFS has been known for its ability to remain relevant in modern applications and has recently allowed users to create their own accounts, which means they can message one another and interact on message boards to discuss related topics of interest too.

Cinema Five D is a news site that provides many interesting tidbits regarding the industry. Not only that, they detail any interesting news and upcoming events too. This generally includes awarding ceremonies, concerts, new music releases, and plenty more.

Another open resource website is Rocket Stocks, which is great for people with restricted budgets and want some free templates or software to use. Rocket Stocks contains innumerable content like free templates, stock footage, filters, plug ins, and plenty more. They also feature weekly freebies and constantly have live tutorials by their appointed mentors and professionals.

Creative Cow has been around a long time and continues to be relevant to new directors these days. They still contain many articles, pointers, and free cool stuff. These days, they a now allow memberships, which allows users to interact with one another too.

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